Thursday, 19 July 2012

xnxx xvideos - I feel something in my heart

I feel something in my heart, 
it's like a little flame, 
every time I see you, 
this flame lights up, 
this flame is special for you, 
because I LOVE YOU!

Models Photography By Denis1 Moore_003

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xnxx cin - Words However Special

Words however special, 
could never even start, 
to tell you all the LOVE I have for you within my heart!

Models Photography By Denis Moore_033
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xnxx v - Life is Very Short

Life is very short,
so break silly rules.
Forgive quickly,
Believe slowly,
Love truly,
Laugh loudly &
Never avoid anything that makes you smile..

Models Photography By Denis Moore_031

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Like xnxx - I dream about you evey night

I dream about you evey night 
I shiver when your in sight 
I long to hold you close n tight 
I wanna be there with all my might 
I m just hoping I'm the girl whos right

Models Photography By Denis Moore_001
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xxnx Important In life

Having a good laugh with a friend like you stimulates endorphins, the brain’s natural painkillers. So, if you need to laugh and you can’t find a friend like yourself, I can lend you my mirror
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